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| 2004-10-14
never mind the goldbergs

Don't think for a second that you know Hava or her place in the world. Yes, she's an Orthodox Jew. But that doesn't mean she can't rock out. (She just has to be careful about touching the boys.)

Hava's life is hard enough at her isolated private school. But now she's trading one sheltered world fro another and heading to Hollywood, where she'll be the only Jew on a TV show about a Jewish family. It's enough to make a headstrong girl scream -- and Hava does scream, as well as run away, break too many rules, fall for the wrong guy, and make some very complicated friends.
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yom kippur a go-go
cleis press

Something like a memoir and something like a dream, Yom Kippur a Go-Go takes us on a wild, jaunting trip through the punk, urban, spoken-word and Orthodox Jewish undergrounds. From the World Bank riots (what can you do when the revolution starts on Shabbos?) to Thursday night tranny basketball in San Francisco’s Mission Dolores Park, Matthue takes readers on a journey through the queer and hip streets of urban America in this exuberant memoir. With humor and insight, Roth describes the tension between contemporary life and the demands of faith.
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candy in action
soft skull press

Candy Resnick is just the girl next door—that is, if the girl next door happens to be a college freshman and a part-time model with a wicked sense of humor. She and her best friend Velma jaunt around the world, flirt with rock stars and power brokers, and party it up in countries that don’t even know the meaning of the word.

But all that changes one night, when Candy turns down the rich and powerful Preston Reign’s invitation to dinner. Suddenly, she finds herself being stalked by a guy who never takes “no” for a final answer. Drawn into his web, out of control for the first time in her life, Candy is on the run—dodging bullets, blowing up buildings, being chased through exotic cities, and fighting back with the only weapons she has—Velma, her natural wit, and her stiletto heels.

Candy in Action is about the lonely side of being popular, and the dark side of being the hottest girl in class. It’s action, it’s glamour, and it’s that best-friends-forever feeling where you’re on top of the world and anything could happen.
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